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    100 Days of Weightlessness

  • What is Weightlessness?

    Weightlessness is Tom Fazio's modern mind-body peak performance methodology. It provides all tools required to transcend mental and physical limitations with maximum efficiency, and release us of those burdens that hold us back in life.


    Weightlessness training identifies prime movers of peak performance that allow for individualized targets that fast track holistic development.

    Mind-Body Foundations

    Foundational Weightlessness training is an evolving, prescriptive theory of development that integrates and balances the body and mind, and lays the foundation for peak performance in life. 'Weightless in 100' is designed to support people to the threshold of lightness training.


    The Four Pillars of foundational Weightlessness:

    Progressive Strength Training

    Static Flexibility

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Weightlessness Nutrition

    Lightness - Advanced Training

    Lightness Training is categorically different from any other offering in the mind-body domain. It uniquely manufactures physical sensations of 'lightness', as well as a psychology of focus and freedom. It is protocol based and designed for peak performance in life. 


    The Four Pillars of Lightness:

    Hi-Tension Resistance Training

    Hi-Speed Resistance Training

    Dynamic Flexibility

    Qigong Energy Work

  • How It Works

    Signing up for real transformation.

    For Real People...

    “Weightlessness” is a mind-body program for ‘the other guys’; those of us who live in the real world with high stress lifestyles and who struggle to maintain a balance between living in the moment and preparing for a bright tomorrow. Weightlessness is surgical cure for a burdened, unfocused mind and a stiff, heavy body.

    What it Takes

    This is a new game...a game of integrity, a game of discipline, and a game of real soul searching. You will be tested. But you'll find something amidst it all that cannot be taken away from you.

    Program Schedule


    100 day Commitment to Change

    July 30 - November 7

    (Official Break October 1st - 9th)




    2 Private Sessions: (45-55mins each)

    Focusing on one primary, customized mind-body target, selected for you based on an initial consultation and assessment, and supported with the spectrum of Weightlessness fundamental exercises.

    * You schedule 2 time slots that work for you on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. (With a 2 day split.)


    2 Group Sessions: (60-90 mins each)

    Wednesday Session:

    Focus on general conditioning, flexibility and meditation.

    Saturday Session:

    Focus on meditation and self-defense training.

    *Mandatory time slots; negotiable with whole group consensus.


    Weightlessness consists of strength training, flexibility training, meditation, breathing techniques, cardio vascular training, and strict dietary protocols. You will be closely monitored, guided and supported by Tom in the process and need to adhere to some basic principles in order to meet your goals.

    Each will honor a set of guidelines during this dedicated period of 100 days:

    • Follow W diet which will be catered to your nutritional needs for optimum support.
    • Being on time. 24 hour advance cancellation policy with rescheduling within the week to meet program needs.
    • Individual programs will be scheduled for the 100 days in advance.
    • Participants with heavy travel schedules are allowed up to 5 Skype calls for remote training.
    • Refraining from drinking alcohol or smoking during the week or only during designated times.
  • Investment

    This is not a workout program, this is a new you.


    February 2017

    (Official Break - TBD)


    Tribe 5 - Weightless in 100 - Open for registration.


    Tribe 6 - Lightness (Advanced…Invitation only)




    Per Participant


    To put things into perspective conservatively:

    - Give up 2 cups of coffee/day (50rmb)

    - Give up a bottle of wine or 3 cocktails/week (200rmb)

    - Give up meals out and cook x 5/week (800rmb)

    - Give up renewing a gym/yoga membership or going on detox holiday (5000rmb)

    You're saving the entire cost of the program and gaining a life-long experience.



    With one of Shanghai's most sought-after trainers

    60 Hours

    Results-Driven Milestones

    Individualized coaching, fitness and meal plans to achieve goals.


    A Unique Tribe


    Nuff Said


  • Searching For Tribe 5

    Transform with the support of like-minded people. Launching in February 2017.

    Are you strong, focused, unburdened of the things that hold you back in life?

    Are you master of your domain?


    Weightless in 100 is a mind-body peak performance program that will test your limits and introduce you to your strongest self. 

    In July 2016, six individuals will begin a process of grueling mind-body transformation.

    Are you one of them?

  • About Tom Fazio

    Martial artist of 25 years, sought after body transformation specialist, published author, and founder of the elite mind-body training program “Weightlessness”, Tom is known for unique, customized, and highly effective fitness and martial arts programs which achieve rapid and lasting results for his clients.


    Tom’s unique approach to health and fitness draws on a diversity of experience, a degree in philosophy and religion, martial arts study under dozens of masters and professional fighters, private qigong instruction under Shaolin monks, a deep knowledge of nutrition for health, performance and body composition, and a passion for living that has lead to aggressive experimentation on himself and his clients over many years.


    His own mind-body program “Weightlessness” was the outcome of one such experiment, three months of isolated living in the jungle of Pangan Island, Thailand, where he set out to integrate for himself all of the disparate elements of his physical and meditative training.


    For more information on training with Tom in Shanghai, please visit:


    Tom Fazio Training



    by Tom Fazio

    The Future of Mind-Body Fitness and the story behind how Weightlessness was born:


    How Shaolin Monks, Thai Hookers, Ex-Cons, and "Magic" Mushrooms Taught Me to Live with Power, Passion, and Freedom

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